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Breakfast In Bed

Written by Patti on November 4th, 2009

What could be more luxurious?

Breakfast in bed is a golden opportunity to show your love.  It doesn’t cost anything, but it can certainly start anyone’s day in the best possible way.  Accoutrements you might need include a tray, some big, heavy coffee mugs and big napkins (i.e – those Ikea tea towels for $.49).

What to serve for breakfast?  This is a great time to get creative. Use last night’s leftover pizza, homemade scones or whatever is laying about that seems good (this might be the time for that Halloween candy that didn’t get handed out).  Whatever might make your beloved smile.  It’s that easy.  Eric and I like english muffins (all those nooks and crannies!). They’re easy to make and that crunchy, butter-drenched goodness would happily wake anyone up.

If you feel you need to shop before you venture making breakfast in bed (not that you’re actually making the breakfast in bed, you are just bringing it to one very happy recipient). Here are some shopping ideas that would make the experience just that much nicer.

A gorgeous serving tray.  Some like a flat bottomed tray (like we use, in the photo above), or you might prefer the type that has legs, for all you tall folk. Like this one.  Here’s a whole website devoted to breakfast trays – how cool is that? You could get one that holds the newspaper so you all could snuggle in on a weekend morning.

Big coffee mugs. I seem to have a lot of luck finding great ones at Cost Plus World Market. These are my favorites:

These hold lots and lots of coffee

Here’s a link to those Ikea towels I swear by. For forty-nine cents each, you can have a whole flotilla of these. I use them for everything.

Another nice touch would be a single stem in a tiny vase. My knockout roses are still blooming like crazy, but I know that is going to be short lived. Plus, this would involve me going outside in pajamas to cut roses and the neighbors would look at me funny. So you might want to scrap that idea unless you already have some flowers inside.

The most important thing you can serve with your breakfast in bed is a sunny disposition.  I know a lot of you are not morning people, so I might be asking a lot. But if you are (like me), bring your tray into the room with a soft, gentle greeting – we don’t want our victim beloved jumping up with fists in the air because you startled them.

Just don’t be surprised if you both call in sick and declare a hooky day!

xoxo, Patti

Special Note:  One person I would not like to see having breakfast in bed, is Jack, father of our darling, Matt, who is in the hospital.  If you could send some great thoughts, prayers, karma his way, I would most appreciate it.  I would much rather that Jack is jumping up and making breakfast for the family.


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  1. Vicky says:

    HEY.. how do those Ikea towels look after they've been washed? Man, I got some great waffle weaves at Target that I love. Then I put out 3x the $ for some from Williams & Sonoma… they come out a wrinkled mess! I love W&S for most things, so it was kinda disappointing.