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Pork Belly and The Vikings

Written by Patti on October 28th, 2009

I am becoming the denizen of cook one day, eat the next. From our beef bourguignon experiment and now the pork belly situation.

Pork belly is so divine.  And it’s cheap! If you cook it yourself at home.  Why it is so outrageously priced on restaurant menus is beyond me. It’s large pieces of bacon for goodness sakes.

Monday afternoon I seared two 1.5 lb pieces of pork belly in my huge skillet and then dropped it in the crock pot with two bottles of shiraz and five garlic cloves to cook at high for 3.5 hours.  After all that time it did not seem right.  So, into the fridge it went for Tuesday night’s dinner.  Tuesday arrived and I put the pork belly in for 8 hours on low.  This is what we ended up with:

Pork bellies

Somehow I felt it turned out a little dry. Eric and Miss DeVore really liked it, though. I guess we really are our own harshest critics.  We rounded out the meal with tossed salad and green beans.  We are trying to watch our figures around here, after all.

Well, okay, we’re not saints, so we had Halloween candy for dessert.  They’ll be plenty left for the kids, so no worries. Heck, we bought enough candy to feed all of Atlanta!  So a few taken here and there won’t hurt anyone.

We are still working on that costume for Eric.  Bolts of fur needed to be moved before we could eat. This costume is overtaking our home! LOL.  Here are some photos of our dining room table that really made me laugh with its randomness.

Even though we took out all the candy,
we only had a few each – really!

Even with these clues, betcha can’t guess
what the costume is!

Eric, Miss DeVore and I were especially giddy last night.  A rollicking good time was had by all.  Pretty much everyday we are having the time of our lives.  We are home in Atlanta, where we belong, surrounded by a zillon of our darlings and life couldn’t be better.

Today I will pick up chicken breasts to make into dilled chicken salad to take to Lisa’s on Friday.  My dilled chicken salad sandwich will then become a lunch special at her adorable Cabbagetown Market.

I encourage you to come visit.

xoxo, Patti


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