Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic

Grindhouse Burgers, a Chef Introduction and Soup With the Neighbors

Written by Patti on October 11th, 2009

Atlanta is a big city. But it is also a small town.  Since living here on and off since 1992, I’ve met a lot of people.  It’s difficult not to run into someone one knows when out and about. Saturday was no exception.

Eric and I decided to try our town’s newest burger sensation, Grindhouse Burgers in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.  We had not been in line a few minutes and I heard my named called behind me. It was our friend Patricia Tinsley, with her friend Emily, another food blogger.  As always, Miss Tinsley had a full plate of activities for the day and one of them included burgers.  We had a chance to meet the owner, Jeff and enjoy some amazing burgers.  I had the regular grindhouse burger with the chocolate peanut butter shake and Eric enjoyed the Apache, which included roasted green chiles. Both fantastic.  While we were still in line waiting to place our order, another of Patricia’s friends showed up.  It was Brad, the chef at Dogwood, a restaurant that has been high on my list of places to try. In my opinion, it’s always a special day when you get to meet a real chef.  I consider myself something of a chef groupie, and am always thrilled to meet the person behind the food.

If you are looking for an awesome burger, get yourself over to Grindhouse, STAT!

Tummies full, we cruised over to Edgewood to pick up another dog bed (last one destroyed when we put our little hooligans in the bedroom when Pat and Deacon came to dinner – it was quite the spectacular mess, I will tell you!)  And then popped over to Kroger for mushrooms, since I was in charge of making stuffed mushrooms that night for Tracy’s soup party.

Tracy is our neighbor across the street and also a zombie afficionado.  Not only did she participate in the zombie walk, but she and her mom sewed the most incredible Marie Antoinette costume for Tracy to parade in. Gorgeous.

The soup Tracy decided on was potato soup topped with lotsa cheese. It was so good. Everyone seemed to show up with either an appetizer or dessert. There was a cheese dip that used 2 pounds of cheese, a silky smooth salmon dip, fruit and cheese, cookies and tasty sweet potato cupcakes.  Everyone had a fabulous time.  Eric and I keep on meeting the coolest new people everywhere we go. Here are some snapshots from our fun time last night:


Soup on the Stove

Our Sweet Hostess, Tracy

Bowls Waiting for Soup

New Friends!

Chioke and Taruan, two of my most Favorites!

Anyhoo – it was scads of fun. It was also, BYOB – bring your own bowl. Which is so clever when you are feeding soup to a crowd of 40.

Enjoy your Sunday. It’s a very busy day for us.  Brunch with Matt, Clint and Holly and then dinner with Danny and John.

xoxo, Patti


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