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When Is An Invitation Too Casual?

Friday, August 28th, 2009

While sitting on our porch over a glass of Syrah, I mentioned to my dear friend that she and her husband should come to over the next night for a casual dinner of grilled brats and potato salad. Very low keyed. She agreed, but needed to check with her guy that they would come on by.

Next day came and went with no dinner guests.

Question – is it the responsibility of the hostess to telephone to reconfirm such a get together? My thought is yes.

These friends are every bit family to us and we all knew this was not a white tablecloth affair. Certainly no feelings were hurt on either side. We were going to prepare this dinner either way.

Would I have stopped at Star Provisions to pick up that lemon meringue tart if it had just been E & me? Probably not, although lets face it, a lemon tart will never go to waste in our home.

All of this wondering could have been avoided if I had just sent an inquiring email or made a telephone call. I am lucky that I am a homemaker and most of my friends are seriously busy at their offices. My day is usually a lot more flexible.

So, when in doubt, don’t be shy. Pick up the phone and call just to reconfirm. And if the answer is “no”, go ahead and put on your jammies and grab the remote control. You have the night off!

xoxo, Patti