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Raising A Glass With Nobilo Icon

Written by Patti on December 6th, 2013

Good Morning Darlings!

How wonderful to see you all – I have been very busy.

What’s new?

Between all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (19 days until Christmas, y’all!), I had some visitors from New Zealand.

My charming guests were from Nobilo Icon Wines. A luscious Pinot Noir and a sprightly Sauvigon Blanc. Yum yum yum! Not only were these beauties delicious, but they paired well with some lovely dishes.

If you are looking for ideas for your holiday celebrations – look no further. Pair Nobilo’s Pinot Noir with rich lamb for a luxurious meal that will make your guests feel pampered. It doesn’t hurt that the video has a chef with a cute New Zealand accent, either.

Lamb from Nobilo Wines on Vimeo.

Looking for something light to serve before dinner? How about some lovely rock oysters with Nobilo Icon’s Sauvignon Blanc? This wine is lovely and crisp – a perfect pairing for these briny sea treats.

Natural Pacific Rock Oysters with lemon

12 Rock Oysters
Rock Salt


Freshly shuck the oysters and carefully cut the oyster
free from the shell.
Remove any broken shell, check the oyster is clean.
Be careful not to lose any of the natural juices.
Serve 12 oysters on a bed of rock salt with lemon halves
wrapped in cheese cloth.

There you have it! A spot on perfect feast. You pick up about, oh, I don’t know, about a case of each wine and invite some friends over. Shove them all into cabs to take them home at the end of the evening and you are the hostess of the year.

See? I am here for you! Go now and rush out for these scrumptious wines.



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