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Five Minute Guide To A Casino Party

Written by Patti on March 19th, 2013

Good Morning Darlings!

With Pinewood Studios (home to the James Bond franchise), coming to Atlanta next year, everyone is going to want to throw a casino party.

Here’s a no-fail list to make your party fabulous!

The Five Minute Guide To A Casino Party

With films like Casino Royale lighting up our TV screens and online casinos taking off in a huge way across the globe, gaming culture is very much in vogue. Add into the equation the high-octane adrenaline rush of communal gaming, the glitz, the glamour and the timeless cool of the casino world, and you’ll understand exactly why more and more people are hosting casino-themed parties and get togethers.

To many, the task of planning the casino party to end all parties is a daunting task; surely there’s a heck of a lot to do, right?

Of course not! That’s why this is a five minute guide, Darlings! Sure, you can spend weeks trying to hit on the formula for the perfect party occasion, but as a matter of fact, you can put together a super-cool casino party in next to no time. Here’s
our five-minute guide to organizing a fun-packed casino shindig:

The basics. You can’t have a casino party without setting up a poker table. You’ll need a deck of cards, something to use as chips (tiddlywinks are a good bet), a table and chairs. Tres simple.

Drinks. So you want to wow your guests with a delicious cocktail experience, but the chances are you’re no professional mixologist. Thank heavens for the Moscow Mule! All you’ll need to create this fiery concoction is some vodka, some ginger beer and a few
limes. Mix the vodka and ginger beer to taste, and then add a slice of lime (chop each fruit into eight pieces). For an extra zesty flavor, squeeze the lime juice into the drink and run the segment around the rim of the glass – your guests will be pleased as punch.

Music. You’ve got to nail this one to create the perfect casino ambiance. We suggest firing up Spotify and heading straight for Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits – sure to keep things classy. For a change of tempo later in the evening, a certain Mr Snoop Dogg’s got your back.

The centerpiece. For an eye-catching party centerpiece, get hold of a laptop, wire it up to the biggest TV you can lay your hands on and load up Jackpot Capital Casino. Head over to the slots section of the website and there you have your ready-made party focal point. Listen to the oohs and the ahhs of your guests as the reels spin… And if someone hits the jackpot, this party’s going to the next level…

The guests. Nothing could be more important than your party guests. Ask over the most wonderful, weird and worthy folk you know (this is the South, and we have plenty of sparkling personalities!) and none of the above even matter too much, you’ll have the time of your life!

So there you have it, a great party in no time at all. I hope this five minute casino party guide leads to one or more nights of total joy for you and your friends!


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