Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic

Season’s Musings

Written by Patti on December 21st, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Holy cow!

We are hosting a tiny dessert and cocktail party late Christmas night. Seems like a good time. Everyone will be done with family celebrations and be ready to unwind.

So, before the house fills up and it all gets funny and weird, I’m going to dish about my favorite things this season.

1. This blog. I love Jessica so much, it’s a little frightening. I want her to be my bestie. Her posts are always fabulous and hilarious and make me want to devour everything she cooks. There goes my cool card. Which I never had to begin with. Ah well.

2. Zombie anything. I am especially psyched up to see Warm Bodies. It doesn’t come out until February, but I will be first in line. Because inside, I am really just a 12 year old, tiara and sparkle wearing tween.

3. My brand spanking year old company, Atlanta Movie Tours, complete with the coolest business partner ever. Today, we received a request from the BBC, wanting to take our Big Zombie Tour (see #2). OMGoshie, the BBC, y’all!

4. Copious amounts of sweets. I don’t even eat dessert the rest of the year, but Christmas makes me crazy. I have had orange/chocolate & mint/chocolate cake balls, a boodle of coconut macaroons and plan to eat 23 cinnamon rolls before the end of the year. Don’t judge.

This would be me. Circa Dec. 8-Jan. 2

5. All the coolest parties. There was the cocktail party that Wendy and Jeffrey threw, where they served Krispy Kreme donuts with chocolate fondue. It was insanely good. There was the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party with the Peaches where I met a young woman who I soon realized I had known when she was 8 when I worked with her mother. Talk about trippy. Dinner with Clint and Matt and their adorable dog, Ollie, who I could just eat up. Jay’s 40th Birthday, with surprise guest, my darling Taruan, straight from NYC. That was awesome.

What have been some of your favorite parties this year?



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