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All I Hear Are Cricuts

Written by Patti on October 30th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

No, I haven’t stopped using my spell check. The cricuts I’m talking about are not the creepy crawly kind, but those swanky little machines that allow you to blow everyone away with your creativity!

Since I am new to the Cricut family, I needed an easy project. I fell in love with these Dracula Treat Bags. Aren’t they adorable?

I am just batty for these!

You go right to the craft idea page and they will tell you everything you need to know about making your own.

Usually I am all thumbs, but even I can make super cool crafts with my mini cricut. OMG! I’m crafting y’all!!

Look at this one!

More cute things to hold treats!

Okay, so maybe I’m obsessed with things I can stuff with candy before I stuff my face with candy. Don’t judge me!

And I think I would glue giant googly eyes on my candy boxes. Googly eyes make everything much more hilarious.

Just one more project, okay, maybe two.

Shut the front door! You can make jewelry? I am so in!!

I can celebrate Halloween all year long!

Isn’t that awesome?

And as much as I love giving a dinner party, I am going to make place cards for every single dinner from now on. Heck, I’m going to make little menus to place at each setting, and little cards describing each dish. Is it a party? No, it’s just Tuesday!

And favors – we need to have favor boxes for each guest. Of course I love this one!

This could turn into a problem for me. “Don’t bother me! I’m cricuting!”

In my world, Halloween kicks off the holiday fun. From there it’s game on. All the way through Super Bowl.

Look for me in my home office cricut room.

You need this. Believe me.

xoxo, Patti


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