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Backdoor Italian

Written by Patti on May 23rd, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

Last night, my friend and business partner, Carrie, were out and about scouting locations for our newest Atlanta Movie Tour. This one will be based on Atlanta’s favorite housewives and will be called The Keeping It Real Tour.

It goes on sale next week and will start on June 25th (shameless plug!)

Anyhoo, after a few locations, we decided we needed a nosh, but didn’t want to cook.

We went back to my house and ordered from Backdoor Italian.

Available only through Zifty, this was an insane Italian feast!

Eric, Carrie and I enjoyed a boodle of deliciousness. Take a look.

First up, these pillowy light yummy garlic rolls.

I just can't resist a garlic roll!

And you have to have the Antipasto Platter!

Cheese, meats, veggies and this cool marinated egg - how do they do that?

We nibbled on a giganto hoagie.

The chicken parmesan hoagie.

Now for the pastas.

Luscious chicken alfredo.

I just adored the tortellini with bolognese.

And there has to be dessert!

Rich cannoli, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

And my personal favorite:

Crispy, yet tender biscotti.

I love that I can just pick up the phone and have an instant dinner party – just add wine.

Trust me, on a busy night, this will keep you from going to the mattresses.

xoxo, Patti

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