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Sweet Home – A Book Review

Written by Patti on May 4th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

I am wrapping up the week with a little book review.

First the official word from Sweet Home, Rebecca Miller Ffrench’s lovely new cookbook (yes, it’s spelled with 2 Fs).

Rebecca Miller Ffrench’s wonderful new cookbook Sweet Home, which is not only filled with wonderful heritage recipes but also with craft and gift ideas that will help home cooks preserve their family recipes. Rebecca comes from a long-line of baker’s and when she found her grandmother’s diary which was filled with recipes, she was inspired. Rebecca began her quest to collect family recipes and to find a way to preserve them – she made recipe cards, hosted recipe swaps, created scrapbooks and accordion folders, platters with recipes on them, videos, a blog and finally her cherished cookbook which is coming out just in time for Mother’s Day from Kyle Books. Along the way, Rebecca discovered that recipes and food really do tell a family’s history. Her Great Grandma’s Chocolate Date Cake, Mom’s Banana Cake, her Dad’s German Chocolate Cake, and Rebecca’s favorite Boston Cream Pie (which was always her birthday cake of choice). Classics like Nilla Wafer Pudding and Black Bottom Ice Cream Pie may even take you back to your own childhood.

This book started with winning a place in my heart, and now a place in my kitchen. I especially love this video of Rebecca talking about how her family recipes are preserved. It also serves as grand inspiration when you see all the gorgeous treats.

I think it will inspire you, too.

Happy Friday and Happy Baking!

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Lynyrd Sknyrd – Sweet Home Alabama


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