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FFF-Bailey’s Mudslides!

Written by Patti on July 22nd, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Still trying to beat the heat here in Atlanta. Good gracious, it is sultry.

This week I received a box from the lovely folks at Bailey’s. Their gift was a giant bottle of pre-mixed Bailey’s Mudslides. Oh, how wonderful it is. All you need is ice. That’s it – just add ice!

How easy is that? And at $12.99 per bottle, I believe it is much more affordable than buying all the individual ingredients to make it.

I know it should be blended with ice, but Eric and I have been sipping it over ice. These Mudslides taste like luxury in a glass. They are sooooooooo good.

Diana, over at Cookerati, added ice cream to her Mudslide drink. Oooooh, she is so bad! I love it!

Diana’s Mudslide Shake

2 scoops Ice Cream
1/2 scoop ice
Bailey’s Mudslide mix to taste
Dump into Blender, blend and pour into a glass – hopefully without the lid falling off.

Couldn't you go for this right now?

So pop on over to your local liquor store and add some ice. Sit on porch. Enjoy the weekend.

xoxo, Patti

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