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C’mon Get Genki!

Written by Patti on June 2nd, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Do you know what the word Genki means?

Genki is the Japanese word meaning for “happy”, “energetic” and “lively”…all adjectives I would apply to the newest, hippest sushi outpost in Virginia Highland of the same name. From the moment we walked up and heard the live guitar player dishing up the latest pop hits, to the jaunty decor (sake barrels, anyone?), Eric and I were ready for a dining adventure.

Come on in to Genki!

Met by Mike, our server, we started the evening with an amuse of the Spicy Hawaiian, containing spicy tuna and mango, topped with escolar, avocado, jalapeƱo, and masago. It was a wonderful taste to start the night.

The uber-fresh Spicy Hawaiian Roll

The next little gift from the kitchen were cold somen noodles in a sweet soy sauce. I was not sure how I would feel about this dish, never having eaten cold noodles, but I believe this was one of my faves of the night. I loved the simplicity and clean flavors.

Cold Somen Noodles in Sweet Soy

Cocktails were also a high point. My Mr. Miyagi, a blend of two blueberry vodkas, was extraordinary. I also like the cute name.

Starters were lush tiger shrimp, sauteed in spicy garlic chili sauce, served over house made guacamole on crisp wonton chips. The hot shrimp, the cool guacamole and the crisp chips made for a fantastic taste sensation.

Genki's Tiger Shrimp Appetizer

Our second appetizer was simple, but stunning. Portabella mushroom, grilled and served over crispy spinach with sweet soy sauce. The star of this dish was the crispy spinach. We couldn’t stop raving about it.

Oh, that spinach!

And the hits just kept on coming! Reid, the charming owner of all three Genkis in Atlanta, brought us out a plate of Hamachi Kama, a Japanese delicacy of marinated and grilled yellowtail cheek, served with ponzu sauce. Eric especially loved this.

Hamachi Kama

Next up were the two sushi rolls we ordered, the Pokerface and the Himalayan. Both insanely delicious. The Pokerface included ahi poki, cucumber, and avocado, topped with escolar, black and
red tobiko, and wasabi cream, while the Himalayan was packed with tempura fried shrimp and asparagus with avocado, topped with snow crab salad, sweet soy sauce, and sriracha chili sauce.

Pokerface and Himalayan Rolls

The rolls were accompanied by Zaru Soba, a hearty noodle served with wasabi, shredded dikon radish, scallions and soy.

Zaru Soba

As if this were not enough, Reid brought out a huge tower of tuna. The Tuna Symphony touted tuna sashimi, tuna tataki, ahi poki, tuna aioli, and tuna tartar, served with house made wonton chips. It was gigantic. We shared it with the table next to us. And now our new friends, Jan & Chris.

Tuna Symphony!

How could we possibly wrap up the meal? Why, with fried oreos and cheesecake, accompanied by ice cream. Oh, I just couldn’t. Could I? Maybe just one bite. Or two…..

Fried Oreos, Y'all!

Go visit Genki – there are three locations, so you are sure to be close to one of them!

xoxo, Patti

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