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Tax Day Delayed – Do You Need A Cocktail?

Written by Patti on April 16th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Ugh, tax day. I always seem to owe. One day I will get a return and I will go out and buy myself some gorg Manolos.

But for now, once the taxes are in the mail box, I will have a cocktail.

My very chic friend Esther in NYC sent me this recipe. She is always in the know. And Oh Em Gee – it has bacon!!!

April doesn’t only bring showers, but also the headache-inducing Tax Day on April 18th (extended three days this year!). Whether you’ve filled out those 1040 E-Z forms yourself or left it to the professionals, Tax Day brings out the devil in all of us. It’s a painful reminder of those hard earned dollars that never even made it to your bank account. So rather than lamenting the bucks you’ve sent straight to the IRS, Hornitos™ Tequila is here to help you bring home the bacon in a different way.

Say hello to the Hornitos “Bringing Home the Bacon” shot. Mix up this meaty, smoky and sweet treat on April 18th and say cheers to the prospect of a hefty return… or serve it as a consolation prize if you’ve ended up in the red. The guys on Wall Street are drinking the shot at Il Mattone in New York’s Financial District.

Bringing Home the Bacon

It's like a snack and drink in one!

1 ½ parts Hornitos™ Añejo Tequila
Maple syrup to rim glass
Bacon bits to rim glass

Directions: Rim Hornitos Horns Up! shot glass with maple syrup, then cover rim with bacon bits. Fill shot glass with Hornitos Añejo. Drink and enjoy!

And do a little happy dance if you are getting a return. I’ll tell Mr. Manolo to expect you soon!

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to The Beatles – Tax Man


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