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Byron and Michelle’s Engagement Party

Written by Patti on February 17th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Love love love is in the air. Jay and Valerie will be tripping up the altar in September, but beating them to the vows will be Byron and Michelle in April. Our delightful friends Stephanie & Reeves threw the most lovely party for our betrothed friends last weekend in their comfy, cozy home in our neighborhood. They even keep chickens – remember the eggs from the morning after Valentine’s Day? Their home is filled with cuddly furniture and whimsical treats – like the painting of Rod Stewart dressed as a Storm Trooper, or the wig on the horse mask which would become the center of the party later in the evening.

The sweet guests of honor

Stephanie went all out – there were boodles of shrimp, tons of brownies, yummy spinach dip and tasty bruschetta. Delicious!

Stephanie knows what she is doing!

Perfect strawberries for dipping.

The weather was terrific, too, so we were able to enjoy part of the evening on the deck, viewing the chickens and checking out their fab view of the Atlanta skyline.

But inside was where most of the fun took place. Take a peek.

Stephanie and Michelle

Everyone gathers in the kitchen - everytime...

Denise, Valerie and Me...with the chicken above my head.

It all started innocently enough...

But after a few libations, we all throw caution to the wind.

Denise models the mullet wig, while...

...Rick sees it as a blast from the past and does a dance for us...

During all this hilarity, Stephanie and Reeves entertain us.

by playing the ukelele.

And then it was time for the horse head. Everyone loves a horse head mask.

Nope, I refuse to disclose who this is.

While others took a different route.

The horse is not looking too healthy here. lol

The wig continues to make the rounds.

And looks best on Reeves.

Reeves, owner of the traveling mullet wig.

Oh, it was so much fun. Not at all like the usual engagement party. Maybe because Michelle and Byron are not the usual marrieds-to-be! A million congratulations and best wishes to our dear friends. May every day be a day filled with love for you both.

xoxo, Patti

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