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A Bittersweet, But Delicious, Goodbye

Written by Patti on August 9th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!
Over the past year you have met so many of our favorite folks. Chioke has been a guest star in many of these posts. Remember his movie night here, our taco and candy night here? Those are just a few of the times we’ve shared and I’ve shared with you.

But now Chioke is moving to THE big city, New York City, to continue his education, and will be gone for three years. Three years I will not be able to walk two blocks for a hug or a special cocktail. Three years I will not be able to hear the sound of his smooth voice and laugh at his wicked jokes.

My heart is a little heavy today.

We spent our last evening together for a while doing what we do best – eating. Eric, Holly, Chioke and I met up at JCT. Kitchen in Atlanta for a (semi) celebratory meal. I first introduced you to  JCT on my first meeting with Eddie and Jaithan.

Since JCT. does southern cuisine best, it was a fitting place to say our goodbyes.

JCT Kitchen

JCT. was thumping when we arrived. Chioke was waiting for us at the bar, looking very big city already. Out table was ready and we were ready to order.

While waiting for our dinner, Chioke filled us in about apartment hunting in New York, finding his brownstone and upon arrival, realizing that a bunch of stuff was not going to fit into his big city, small space, new home. But also about the thrill of being in the middle of the world’s most exciting city. I couldn’t help but feel a little envious and very hayseed. He is embarking on a mad, crazy adventure and I can’t wait to hear every detail as he becomes a New Yorker.

But for tonight, he was still very much the southern gentleman.

And so we ate.

Deviled Eggs With Benton’s Bacon and Truffled Parmesan Fries to start.

Truffled Fries

Chioke and Eric Model The Deviled Eggs

This Would Make For A Most Glamorous Breakfast, Yes?

Our Sweet Holly

And then, the entrees and more talk of New York. Holly goes every year for Toy Fair (how much fun would that be? Toys!) and Chioke and she made their plans to meet up soon.

Chioke's Slow Cooked Rabbit

Chioke chose the Slow Cooked Rabbit with farmstand onion & fontina filled pasta, local greens, candied garlic jus. It was melt in your mouth delicious.

My Crispy Duck

Crispy “Duck & Dumplings” duck leg confit, duck meatballs, potato dumplings, local greens, preserved tomatoes. It was dark in the restaurant and was I ever surprised when I bit into what I thought were potatoes and they were duck meatballs. Amazing.

Holly's Shrimp And Grits

Holly opted for Shrimp & Grits with Benton’s country ham, tim & alice’s red mule grits, soft poached egg, crusty bread for sopping. I almost ordered this but I wanted everyone to be able to try each other’s plates. I will be getting this when we return. Scrumptious.

JCT's Signature Dish - Fried Chicken

Eric ordered the signature dish, Jct. fried chicken served with macaroni and cheese, garlicky green beans. They only make a certain amount of this dish per night so nabbing an order is a special treat. And that macaroni and cheese, oh my goodness.

We all sampled, tasted and critiqued. Everything was delicious.

Especially the company.

Chioke And Me

It is too difficult to say goodbye, so I’ll just say, “see you soon, my sweet friend.” Save me a seat at the local diner.

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Jay Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind (sniff)

and Billy Joel – New York State of Mind

AND Frank Sinatra – New York, New York


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