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Shane’s Birthday

Written by Patti on February 2nd, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

This week is a flurry of parties – tonight is Lisa’s birthday bowling party, tomorrow night we attend Mike’s birthday pub party, Saturday night is our darling Danny’s birthday dinner and then Sunday is Super Bowl. Super Bowl is a special day for Eric and me as that’s how we met (thanks, Holly!) eleven years ago.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Saturday night was Shane’s birthday. Shane and Leila are our friends and neighbors and are just delightful. As I’m not feeling particularly chatty, I thought I would let the pictures tell the story today.

What was on the menu? Wine, of course!

Lots of wine and some yummy nibbles - caprese crostini

Birthday Boy Shane and Our Buddy Curtis

Saturday Night Safety Dance on XM Radio

My Sweetie, Eric, Checking Out the Vintages With Shane

I Love These Cocktail Napkins! LOL

Eric and Val Share A Chuckle

Eric and Val Share A Chuckle

Shane, Crystal and Our Hostess, Leila - Isnt' Their Kitchen Super Sweet?

Curtis Receives A Text - "French Girls, Bachelorette Party"....Nuff Said

We had a great time seeing everyone and Shane & Leila are wonderful hosts. Thanks, you guys!

On an entirely different note – I would like to say that Eddie Ross won his competition at Bloomingdale’s! Many thanks to all of you that linked from my blog – it could not have happened to nicer people – hugs and kisses to you, Eddie + Jaithan! xoxo.

And also, to you, my darlings – see you tomorrow!

xoxo, Patti


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