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Tree Trimming

Written by Patti on November 28th, 2009

Good Morning Darlings!

Happy Saturday. I trust you are all digested from a big dinner on Thursday and are ready to move on to Christmas. What’s that you say? Too early yet? Oh, no! Not if you are giving a party in two weeks for 75 or so of your nearest and dearest.

And so, last night, Eric and I trimmed our tree. But not without a small incident. Dear friends Crystal and Teague gave us their 12 foot tree to put up this year (so we would have two trees!) Eric took this behemoth down from the attic and set it up in the living room. It fit. Kind of. When we went looking for our big tub of lights and garland, they had seemed to have gone missing. We could not find them anywhere. So after some wifely cajoling, my darling took the big tree apart, back to the attic and brought down our 7.5 ft. tree. I think it looks pretty.

I know tree trimming parties are very popular, but Eric and I feel like no one really has a connection to all our silly ornaments like we do. Our tree trimming parties are meant for just the two of us, the dogs and a bottle of champagne. Now, we had been away for two years and our place in L.A. was too small for a tree, so this was the first time in three Christmases that we had decorated. The bubbly was popped, glasses filled and a flurry of bubble wrap and tissue paper flew as we unwrapped each little treasure. Some ornaments were picked up in California and had never graced a tree, while others were keepsakes from childhood and were hung with care each year.

Thrilling me to the core this year was a blown glass house fly ornament that I had purchased and had forgotten all about. The way he catches the light is so charming. I believe he came from West Elm.

A House Fly You Would Actually Want in the House

A House Fly You Would Actually Want in the House

Isn’t he gorgeous?

Another of our favorites is this couple doing the tango that we picked up on a trip to Buenos Aires a few years ago. Check out how their shadows are playing on the wall behind them.

Sexy Tango Dancers!

Sexy Tango Dancers!

I especially love this ornament because it reminds me of when Eric surprised me with Tango lessons in Argentina – so romantic!

There are so many beloved ornaments and I know you have your own. Make something scrumptious with that leftover turkey, pop the bubbly and make some memories!

xoxo, Patti


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