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A Sweet Treat and A Special Hiding Place for Karen

Written by Patti on September 17th, 2009

If it’s Wednesday, that must mean it’s zombie shooting night with Miss Diane. Yay!

Since I am fresh from a post about Jolene Sugarbaker, I thought I would honor her by making my own trashy dinner. This culminated in tamale salad. Eric and I thought this up when we were living in Tampa and watching our pennies. It is so yummy and cheap! And easy. Here’s the recipe:

Tamale Salad

  • 1 box of Goya frozen tamales (4 servings)
  • 1 bag of salad (your choice)
  • 3/4 bottle of salsa (your favorite)
  • Mexican Blend cheese
  • Sour Cream
  1. Boil the little bags of tamales as directed on the box
  2. Divide your greens between three bowls
  3. Divide salsa over greens
  4. Sprinkle Cheese over salsa
  5. Place one cooked tamale over greens
  6. Top with sour cream

Serves 3

And since I felt so guilty about serving something so lowly to our good friend, I decided to make it up to her with a special dessert. Eric and I were served these in a restaurant in Venice (Ca.) and were wowed by them. They are super easy to make but everyone is crazy for them. I know it has a special italian name, but I can’t seem to find it. So call it whatever you like, but remember to make extra!

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Amaretto Liquor
  • Amaretti Cookies – 7 oz bag
  1. Crush up Amaretti cookies and place in a pie dish
  2. Drizzle 1/4 cup of Amaretto over cookie crumbs and stir
  3. Take an ice cream scoop and make five scoops. Place scoop into crumbs and cover each scoop completely
  4. Place in a covered container and place in freezer until ready to serve

Serves five

You might want to serve this in a pretty colored bowl or even martini glasses garnished with a sprig of mint.

While I was making dinner last night and Miss Diane and I were visiting in the kichen, Karen decided that sitting on the bottom tier of the marble island was a perfect place to hide. She was so adorable that I thought I would share her picture with you.

So it looks like my lazy streak has passed. Tomorrow Val and I are making homemade tortelloni! Stay tuned.

xoxo, Patti


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